Whether we’re on set, in the studio working on concepts, or just hanging out, we exist to connect with people. Pure and simple.



Jon Strong Cropped

Jon Strong

Director & Chief Creative

I’ve had 12 years of experience directing films that have reached
hundreds of millions of people, and hopefully changed hearts and minds in the process.
I’ve interviewed homeless people and celebrities and I treat them all the same.
They’re just people — people I want to connect with, discover why they exist, and together find truth.

I care deeply about reconnecting people to their hearts,
reminding them of their humanity,
and finding hope in the darkness.

With each film I make, I want to convince myself that it’s worth pushing onward —
that no matter what, there is always hope.


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We figure out exactly how to emotionally convey your message to the audience. This is a super-collaborative thing for us – we love sitting down with our clients and creating the concepts and scripts together.


3 stages: Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production. First we pull our crew together, scout great locations, cast the best people who can deliver an emotional performance, and then we film! After that, we painstakingly refine the edit, and do whatever it takes to make your project come alive through VFX, Coloring, Sound Design and Mixing, etc..


Go ahead…get it out there! Once the edit is done, it’s time for the world to experience and enjoy it. In order to do that we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the most effective launch possible on any format, whether it be broadcast, web or social.

The Strong Films Agreement

We empathize.

We will first and foremost empathize with you and your brand to know what story we need to tell and how to best tell it.

We partner.

We are your partner. We WANT to work with you. We don’t like working on a our own in a silo. We love collaborating with our clients to make sure that the film is hitting on all the right points for the brand. We do not shy away from collaboration. We embrace it.

We create.

Whether we are executing your concept, creating one together or pitching them ourselves, we guarantee we will pour our heart and soul into your project. We are fundamentally a team of creatives that will always look for the most compelling way to tell the story. We love a new challenge.

We execute.

Films are complicated and can be a big investment of your time, energy and resources. You need somebody you can fully trust. This might seem overly obvious, but at the end of the day, nothing matters unless the vision becomes reality. We can execute your creative concept, collaborate on one together, or come up with our own. Either way we have proven we will get the job done.