We love meaningful stories. We think the best way to get to know someone is to know their story — to know the path they’ve walked. It’s important we get to know our client’s stories (as well as their brand’s). In order to capture and emotionally communicate who they are, we ask them to be a bit vulnerable by going deeper into the “why” of who they are and what they do. But, we always go first by taking the first step in that direction.



In many ways, Jon is the typical artist.  He enjoys creating beautiful things. His hair is messy. He doesn’t iron his clothes.  But he’s got an emotional intuition that helps him to be really good at what he does.  Jon’s compassion for others is really what drives him.

Jon formally founded Strong Films in 2010 and he’s been using film to create meaningful connections with viewers for well over a decade. Jon graduated from film school at the University of Central Florida.

“I’ve had proper training, but my talent is much more intuitive than technical. I genuinely care about people … who they are, where they come from, what they desire, what they are afraid of, and especially what they hope for.

My original goal was never to create a brand film company. I just wanted to impact as many people as possible for the better. I want to help them find what’s meaningful in life. I want them to remember what really matters. And I think film is one of the most powerful ways of doing that. My big dream is to write and direct a feature film that reaches the hearts of millions of people. I want to make things that matter … things that do that opposite of numbing someone out.

Regardless whether I’m filming or not, this is who I am. If I wasn’t a filmmaker, I’d still find a way to connect people to what’s important. Brand films are just my excuse to live out this passion and fine tune my skills while helping companies accomplish their goals.”



John is the guy at Strong Films who makes sure that things get done.  His passion is to create an environment where our team and our clients thrive, and we make the best, most impactful films possible.

King and Strong have been friends for over a decade, and in that time they have established a tremendous bond and passion for positively impacting people’s lives.  Together they both believe in the power of a well told, raw and genuine story to make people come alive and see life in a new way.