Disney’s “Grandkids are a Reward”. This (super short) film takes the viewer into the experience of two grandparents with their grandchild at Disney during the Holidays. When a family visits Disney, we asked ourselves if something bigger was happening? What is Disney ultimately about? What became crystal clear is Disney is about forming deeper relationships. But we also saw something else, perhaps part of Walt’s original vision: we felt a strong connection between imagination and hope.  Imagination prepares us to hope for what could be. And, imagining together brings us closer.  For a child or a grandparent, riding Dumbo is about much more than just having fun flying around in a circle in a big eared plastic elephant.


Photography for “Grandkids are a Reward”. During filming, we simultaneously captured many magical moments along the way.  Our approach to photography is the same as for film: to help people feel the deeper reality of what’s happening.  For this project, we applied a photojournalistic style using only natural lighting in each setting.